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Supervision of Bachelors and Masters theses

Writing your Bachelors and Masters thesis at CHEPS

CHEPS staff has successfully and enthusiastically supervised many theses in the field of public and business administration, primarily in the area of higher education and research policies. CHEPS has an extensive national and international network and carries out research projects around the globe, which provides ample opportunity for writing an interesting and high-level thesis on a challenging topic. Each year we offer Bachelor circles as well as individual masters assignments, in which students apply their theoretical, conceptual and methodological expertise. The focus is on problem diagnosis, design and evaluation of public policies and instruments.

Students that are considering to write a thesis in these areas are invited to contact dr. Harry de Boer ( to discuss potential thesis topics.

To indicate the kind and variety of thesis topics, which may serve as a source of your inspiration, see this list of topics:


Topics of completed bachelors and masters theses under cheps supervision

Bachelors circles 2016:

  • Public Service Motivation: Understanding people in public organization. Five students in this Bachelors circle focused their thesis on questions such as “what drives employees of public sector organizations (such as universities)?, “how can the motivations of employees be explained?, and “what are the effects of different levels and types of motivation for organizational performance?(Harry de Boer & Martin Rosema)
  • Civic integration of refugees (Hans Vossensteyn, Leon Cremonini & Kees Aarts)
  • Universities and Smart Cities (Paul Benneworth & Maarten Arentsen)
  • Managing the migration crisis (Ossewaarde & Vossensteyn)
  • Political behavior and party competition (Gemenis & de Boer)

Bachelors circles 2017:

  • The effects of internationalization on higher education (Hans Vossensteyn & Renze Kolster)
  • Performance contracts for creating public value: promises and pitfalls (Ben Jongbloed, Frans Kaiser & Guido Jansen)
  • Implementation of public sector reforms (Veronica Junjan & Harry de Boer)
  • The impact of regulation and innovation (Victoria Daskalova & Paul Benneworth)

Other completed Bachelors and Masters theses (2016-2017)

  • Institutional autonomy of universities in theory and practice
  • Europeanization of higher education in Germany. A case study of alternative access routes in higher education in the Free Hanseatic city of Bremen
  • Inter-university networks: Rhetorics vs. reality. Objectives and activities of members of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities
  • Performance-based funding for higher education in the Netherlands and Catalonia: A neo-institutional explanation
  • De invloed van werkdruk op de motivatie van academici aan de Universiteit Twente
  • The influence of academic subcultures on researchers' intentions to start o spin-off