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MS&T/PA/ES Programme Director & Programme Committee

In the Faculty Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS), each cluster of educational programmes is run by a Director of Educational Programmes (PD). In the case of the bachelor Management, Society & Technology (MS&T), including the Joint Degree Public Governance across Borders (PGaB), the master Public Administation (PA), the master European Studies (ES), including the Double Degree Comparative Public Governance (CPG) that is at the moment prof. dr. Rene Torenvlied.

He is advised by a Programme Committee (PC), which is composed of the following faculty members and students: prof. dr. Bas Denters (committee chair); Olga Boers-Ekelmans (secretary); dr. Claudio Matera (faculty); dr. Minna van Gerven (faculty); dr. Veronica Junjan (faculty); dr. Pieter-Jan Klok (faculty); Anne-Fleur Karssing (master student ES/CPG); Anna-Alicia Kier (master student ES/CPG); Carmen Landstra (master student PA); Lise Dotzer (bachelor student PGaB); Johanna Soysal (bachelor student PGaB); Nathalie ten Broeke (bachelor student MS&T); Emma de Weger (bachelor student MS&T); Merle Gijsbers (advisor Sirius).