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Smart Bridge Datathon

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Mark your calendars for May 13th 2022! Let's hear what a smart De Wallen bridge has to say!

BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) is hosting a datathon centered around making data from the MX3D 3d printed bridge meaningful. What "meaningful" means is completely up to you! Expect a day of fun, food, learning, networking, and (possible) prizes! All accepted participants get access to real data generated from sensors on a real bridge and free reign to design, ideate, and code solutions!

Interested in joining us?
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Friday, May 13th 2022 9:00-18:30 (Light breakfast, lunch and snacks provided)


University of Twente Design Lab in the rooms LEARN-X and INSPIRE, Hengelosestraat 500, 7521 AN Enschede


We believe the public deserves an opportunity to interact with publicly collected data and are glad to grant you access to some of the real data generated from the MX3D bridge. Additionally, BRIDE is also interested in research on what happens when the public gets access to public data sets. Please note that research will also be taking place at the event!


There will be two competing lines, "Hack" for those wanting to dive deep into the data and "Create" for those who come up with solutions that don't use the data directly. Members of winning teams will receive a prize worth €40 per team member. For second place, each team member will win a prize worth €20!


Autodesk Software Architect Kean Walmsley

Amsterdam Public Tech Project Manager Douwe Schmidt

University of Twente Tech Applied Tech Ethicist Adam Henschke

Contact Information:

Sage Cammers-Goodwin (s.i.cammers-goodwin@utwente.nl) and Ilse Schieven (i.schieven@student.utwente.nl)