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Data Transparency in Public Space Conference

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands (and virtually) October 6-7, 2021

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The NWO funded research group BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) and AMS Institute’s Responsible Sensing Lab are coming together to co-host a conference on data transparency in public space.

Cities have increasingly been collecting and analyzing data generated from sensors in public space. This conference will explore how data collecting capabilities and uses are made available (and understandable) to the general public.

Scholars, legal experts, city planners, citizens, data scientists, and students will come together to better understand

  1. The global legal status of data transparency in public space
  2. How data transparency works in practice
  3. Prototypes and ideas for the future based on the needs of the general public and corporate/governmental stakeholders.

We welcome you either virtually or in person with us in Amsterdam to discuss and learn about these issues.

Keynote speakers

Beryl Dreijer - Amsterdam Privacy Officer

Alec Shuldiner - Autodesk Data Ethics Lead

Thijs Turèl - AMS Program Manager Responsible Urban Digitalization


It is possible to attend multiple workshops.

Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR) - Enabling greater transparency and civic dialogue on the use of digital technologies in the built environment. October 6, afternoon

Discover the Smart Sensors of Amsterdam (and Beyond, When Joining Virtually) - Discover and identify smart infrustructures in public space. What needs to be transparent and what, if anything, is best left unseen? October 6, afternoon

Over the Wall Designing - Explore what smart objects mean to different groups of people through completing a design process from different perspectives. October 7, afternoon


DTPS will be a hybrid event. Physical presence will be limited to the speakers. The online event will take place in Zoom. A link will be sent to you before the conference that can be used to attend all talks. With an online attendance ticket, you can access all talks. Separate tickets need to be acquired to attend the other activities. You will receive a personal link for these events.


Sage Cammers-Goodwin and Naomi van Stralen

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