Thursday March 30th




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Chairs: Anne, Marijn


Keynote Lucie Byrne-Davis


Parallel session 1


Cancer-related fatigue – from etiology CRF towards monitoring and treatment

 Kim A.E. Wijlens

Content validity of a toolkit for holistic monitoring of cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients

Adriaan Penson

Triggering, maintaining and moderating factors for cancer-related fatigue in childhood cancer survivors: a DCCSS LATER study

Judith de Vries-ten Have

The systematic design of a personalized lifestyle intervention for colorectal cancer survivors experiencing cancer-related fatigue

Jody Geerts

The relation between self-identity bias and fatigue in breast-cancer patients

Round table

 International perspectives on COVID-19 research and what role behavioural science could play during a global crisis


Marijn de Bruin

Lucie Byrne-Davis

Olivier Luminet

Oral session

Stakeholder engagement /co-creation/participatory methods

 Danique M. Heemskerk

Charge Your Brainzzz: Applying participatory system dynamics to co-produce a whole systems approach promoting adolescent sleep health

Kim Boltjes

Power to the Patient: A Co-created Design Towards Emotionally-Safe Pediatric Hospitalization

Saar Hommes

“Tell me it gets better over time”: Qualitative assessment of trauma patients’ perceptions on personalized predictions in a recovery tool

Maartje D Stutvoet

Developing the mHealth intervention PROfeel for adolescents with a chronic disease and fatigue – an iterative co-design process

Loïs F. van de Water

Potential adverse outcomes of shared decision making about palliative cancer treatment: a secondary analysis of a randomized trial

Oral session

Food choices and healthy eating

 Iris W.H. Claessens

Personal Values, Motives, and Healthy and Sustainable Food Choices: Examining Differences Between Home Meals and Restaurant Meals

Rachelle de Vries

Challenges in designing (personalized) digital “just-in-time” nudges for healthy food choice: Two pilot studies

Janis Fiedler

Effectivity of a family-based mobile health intervention to promoting physical activity and healthy eating – results of the SMARTFAMILY1.0 trial

Sanne Raghoebar

Experts’ perceptions on motivators and barriers of healthy and sustainable dietary behaviour among adolescents

Laurens van Gestel

Acceptability of nudging vegetarian lunch options: Investigating the role of transparency and motivation


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Parallel session 2

BMS LAB tour



Longitudinal patterns of behavior, support, media-use and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic

Carlijn Bussemakers

Measurement properties of the CAPAS behavioural survey during the COVID-19 pandemic

Keenan A. Ramsey

Trajectories of wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic in vulnerable groups of the Dutch population

Adriana Solovei

Patterns of media use in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 pandemic

Frank Gootjes

The dynamics of public support and adherence for key COVID-19 policies over time


Person centered care in Alzheimer’s disease / Early dementia: prevention, diagnostics, and communication

Lotte Truin

Modifiable dementia risk and protective factors in persons with subjective cognitive decline or mild cognitive impairment: a systematic literature review and Delphi study

Janne M. Papma

A best practice for culture-sensitive dementia diagnostics; cultural subgroup or person-centered perspective?

Daphne B.G. ter Huurne

The accuracy of a semi-automatic cognitive phone assessment in a memory clinic setting

Agnetha D. Fruijtier

Identifying best-practices for amyloid imaging results disclosure: a  randomized controlled trial

Oral session

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Janet Boekhout

Decreasing loneliness in the elderly: The Active Plus intervention

David R. de Buisonjé

Put your money where your feet are: the real-world effects of StepBet gamified deposit contracts for physical activity

Erik Bijleveld

Associations between workplace design and office workers’ sitting patterns: A field study

Sara Kassas

Vertical inter-goal relations between health goals and personal values among the emerging adult population

Merije van Rookhuijzen

The immediate and spillover effects of a default nudge promoting standing behaviour


Tea break, posters, and The Mobile Lab Facilities (Experivan) 


Senior Workshop

Facilitator: Gjalt-Jorn Peters

PhD Workshop - Future professors unite!

Facilitator: TBA


Keynote Lucy Yardley



19:00 – 1:00

Dinner, followed by party

Location: Fellini, Enschede city centre

Friday March 31st




ARPH members meeting


PhD award


Keynote Matthijs Noordzij


Coffee break


Parallel session 3


Measuring sex and gender in health research

Aranka Ballering

Inclusivity in large-scale cohort studies: lessons learned regarding assessing sex, gender, and sexual orientation

Nina Kupper

Gender measures are differentially related to health behaviors, mood, and symptom reports in patients with heart disease: results from the THORESCI Gender sub-study

Paula M.C. Mommersteeg

Stanford Gender-Related variables for Health research; Dutch translation and association with lifestyle associated risk factors and mental health

Sabine Oertelt-Prigione

Current trends in the operationalization of gender in (bio)medicine

Oral session

 Evaluating effectiveness of behavior change interventions

Jannis Kraiss

Estimating the true effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions under variable comparator conditions: a systematic review and meta-regression

Loes van den Bekerom

Interventions Promoting Health Behavior Among People With Lower Socio-Economic Status: A Scoping Review of Behavior Change Techniques and Effectiveness

Janis Fiedler

Effectivity of a family-based mobile health intervention to promoting physical activity and healthy eating – results of the SMARTFAMILY1.0 trial

 Nynke van der Laan

To What Extent Do Technology Acceptance Factors, Health Related Factors and Contextual Factors Predict the Use Discontinuance of Contact Tracing Apps?

Liselot N. van den Berg

Using Animated Videos to Promote the Accessibility and Understandability of Package Leaflets: A retrospective observational study evaluating the first year of implementation

Oral session

 Climate change and sustainability

Janna de Graaf

Does climate change threat make sense? The effect of fearful communication on climate change resistance and engagement

Keenan Ramsey

Differences in psychological distance between three coinciding crises

R. Drbohlav Ollerton

Exploring the utilisation of collective efficacy in climate change messaging

Valentina Bancale

Spillover beliefs within and between health and pro-environmental behaviors: associations and correlates




Opening up? How to support employees' & students' decisions to disclose mental health issues.

Thomas Gültzow

Decision aid development to support employees & students in their mental health disclosure decision

Yil Severijns

Why students don't talk about their mental health issues at Maastricht University

Daniëlle Zijlstra

Making the decision to talk with colleagues and supervisors about your mental health issues

Sybren Slimmen

General Discussion


Lunch + PGMP meeting


Parallel session 4

Oral session

Lessons learned and future preparedness: Insights from COVID-19 projects

Tugce Varol

Applying behavioral science to create a safe university environment during the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned

Colene L. Zomer

Patterns of testing behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic: a latent class analysis

Gjalt-Jorn Peters

Something from nothing: lessons learned from developing an agile intervention with over 100 volunteer experts

Gill ten Hoor & Rob Ruiter


Oral session


Judith Austin

Use, appreciation and impact of a mobile self-compassion intervention for people with newly diagnosed cancer: a mixed-methods study

Naomi C.A. van der Velden

Patient-Caregiver Dyads' Prognostic Information Preferences and Perceptions in Advanced Cancer

Marrit A. Tuinman

Would patients with cancer use an e-diary as self-management tool to improve their distress and social contacts?

Loïs F. van de Water

Potential adverse outcomes of shared decision making about palliative cancer treatment: a secondary analysis of a randomized trial

Oral session

Family health and personality

Pierre Gerain

“Already too late”: a qualitative study of respite care among parents of children with special healthcare needs and disabilities

Linda M. Opstal

The prevalence and psychosocial mechanism of a teachable moment for lifestyle change during pregnancy

Paul Lodder

Type D personality as a risk factor for adverse outcome in patients with  cardiovascular disease: an individual patient data meta-analysis

Paul Lodder

Why researchers should not ignore skewness and measurement error in questionnaire item scores

Round table

Guidelines for lifestyle behavioral change interventions

Andrea W.M. Evers

Marijn de Bruin

Marieke Adriaanse

Sabita Soedamah-Muthu

Pepijn van Empelen

on behalf of the Behavior change program of the Lifestyle4Health network


Tea break


Parallel session 5

BMS LAB tour


New developments in cardiac psychology: Using theory and technology to promote health outcomes

Emma R. Douma

Psychological factors and adherence to health behaviors after percutaneous coronary intervention: Effect moderation by cardiac rehabilitation

Renée V.H. IJzerman

Which goals matter to people within cardiac care? A study on life goal and health goal preferences

Mirela Habibović

A patient-centered intervention platform to support health behaviour change and the continuum of care in patients with coronary artery disease: the TIMELY randomized controlled trials

Jos A. Bosch

Development and implication of personalized smartphone-based prompts to improve cardiovascular health behaviors during daily life.

Oral session

Longitudinal wellbeing

Gerko Schaap

Fluctuations of Symptoms and Affects in Post-COVID-19 Patients in Daily Life

Isabel AL Slurink

Longitudinal trajectories and psychological predictors of physical quality of life until 3 years after bariatric surgery

Michelle W.J. Heijman

Day-to-day fluctuations of fatigue in people with knee osteoarthritis: a daily diary study


16:30 – 17:00

Conference closing, best poster & best presentation awards