Annemarie Huijink

Our fourth alumni presented in this series of Alumni of Psychology is Annemarie Huijink. She graduated from her bachelor in psychology in 2017. She works as a trainee at Omix, a company active in educational logistics.   

How long did it take to find your first job?

I found (and started) my first job while writing my bachelor theses.

What are your tasks and responsibilities?

I work as trainee at Omix, a company operating in educational logistics. The motto of Omix is that good education can only be reached when it is well organized. I work for different educational institutes to support them in all kind of ways in the logistics. At the moment I’m situated at the University of Amsterdam. I help them in the process of scheduling and planning their lectures.

What have you taken along your study which you now profit from?

In my work I am part of a lot of change processes. From different courses during my study I learned about behavioral change and I often remember that the attitude from those who must change their behavior is an important point to start. You cannot make a durable change when people don’t want to change or don’t feel enabled to change. So often in projects I start by talking to those people and bring them along in the process of planning and decision making.

What do you hope to achieve in your career?

In my career I hope to grow in what I’m doing right now. I’m now finishing my traineeship and hope to get a job within our company with more responsibility and maybe more of a leadership role. I like the area of education to work in, but don’t have the ambition to become a teacher at this point in my life. This job gives me the freedom to work within universities, universities of applied sciences and in secondary vocational schools and contribute to bring education to a higher level.

If you think about your study time, which memory comes to mind?

When I think about my time as a student I think mostly about the people with whom I studied , joined committees and boards with, partied  with and who gave me a lot of support. I learned a lot from the courses I followed but maybe just as much from the people around me.

Which tips and tricks would you like to give to current students?

I would say it is so helpful to find people who drag you to the library, help you study for exams, but also help you to relax when necessary. Get more than a degree by starting your own business, joining the board of an association or get a relevant job, so you learn more skills during this important time in your life. And when you want to find a job after getting a degree, look beyond the obvious vacancies. Every company can use people with good people skills and who learned to look further then peoples first outward behavior.

Any questions to Annemarie?

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Published: October 10th, 2018