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Beau Warbroek attends the master program Public Administration (Policy & Governance track) at the University of Twente. He achieved his BSc degree in European Public Administration at the University of Twente in 2013. Beau has developed a special interest in researching the transition towards a low-carbon economy.


Beau Warbroek started his academic career by contributing to a FP7 project COMPLEX, lead by CSTM department of the Twente University. His contribution (bachelor thesis) looked into the effectiveness of policy instruments stimulating renewable energy. Beau is involved in COMPLEX during his master’s program by researching the success factors for the implementation of renewable energy projects at the local level. At STePS, Beau has the position of Student Researcher and contributes to another FP7 project: ReS-AGorA. His task is to retrieve and analyze policy documents of Dutch key players in the field of Responsible Research and Innovation.

Other activities

He loves working on a healthy lifestyle and lifting weights.


BSc Thesis: 2013, Effectiveness of policy instruments in stimulating renewable energy production in the European Union : room for improvement in the Netherlands, Enschede. (