STəPS and Bachelor education

Teaching in social science programmes of the faculty SMG:

Bestuurskunde (BSK)

194111030 Wetenschapsvisies en Ethiek (+ TBK)

194111800 Bestuurskundige Vaardigheden
201100044 Explorative-Interpretative Methods for Governance Studies

European Studies (EPA/ES)
…………. Public Policy
194111190 History of Europe: Science and Technology (Module Regional Innovation & Smart Cities)

101200094 Perspectives on Science and Technology

Gezondheidswetenschappen (GZW)

201300021 Module Patiënt en Zorg: Systemen en organisatie van Chronische Zorg:


Structuur en Organisatie van Zorg


Modellen van Chronische Zorg


Leven met een Chronische Aandoening



194111010 Primaire Processen van de Zorg
194112020 Organisatie van het Zorgproces
194112070 Beleidsaspecten van het Zorgproces
194111020 Project Technology Assessment

Business & IT (BIT)
411110 Technology Assessment van ICT

Teaching in Engineering Programmes:

Advanced Technology (AT)
194111700 Long Term Development of Science and Technology (Module 8)
194111152 Analyzing Technology in Societal Context (Module Man-Machine)

Biomedische Technologie (BMT)
194111010 Primaire Processen Zorg

Technische Wiskunde/Technische Natuurkunde (TW/TN)
194111700 Long Term Development of Science and Technology (Module Systems Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

…………. Project Elektromagnetisch Experimenten (Module 4)

Civiele Technologie (CIT)
194111140 Civiele Techniek in Nederland
Werktuigbouw (INF/WB)
194113010 Geschiedenis van de Natuurwetenschap vanaf Newton

Teaching in Minorprogrammes

Minor History
191731090 The Rise of Modernity
191741010 The Age of Revolutions
191741020 Modernity’s Harvest
191741030 History, Final Assignment
Minor Futures
194111300 De Geschiedenis van de Toekomst
194111080 Ontwerpen van Toekomsten / Design the Future

Minor Innovation & Entrepreneurship

201100065 Governance of Knowledge and Innovation

201100066 Technology Dynamics & Impl for Strategy and Governance

201400027 Bestuursminor

Teaching in Honours Programme

Great Scientist: Natural (Module 1)

Great Scientist: Social (Module 2)

Teaching in ATLAS

Project Sustainable Energy (TNW)

Management and Governance of Innovation and Change

BSc theses

Bachelor students of some programmes have the possibility to do a Bachelor thesis at STePS. If you are interested in the themes that are elaborated in the STePS group, please contact

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