CHEPS contributes to a study to promote access to higher education for Syrian refugees

Study to Design a Programme / Clearinghouse Providing Access to Higher Education for Syrian Refugees and Internal Displaced Persons

The study’s primary objective was to assist in the design of an EU programme to enhance access to further and higher education for young Syrians who had to drop-out of formal education, especially refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The target group of the study are, thus, Syrian refugees and IDPs of university age (18-24). The analysis is based on desk research, telephone interviews, an online survey and two field missions to Lebanon and Jordan. The expert team assessed the target group’s needs and mapped them against existing further and higher education opportunities to propose possible EU interventions.

The report has been prepared with the financial assistance of the European Commission who contracted PROMAN, a Luxembourg-based international consulting company specialized in development cooperation, in consortium with B&S Europe and subcontracting CHEPS. A team of three experts led by Dr. Irene Lorisika (B&S Europe), and including also Leon Cremonini (CHEPS/PROMAN) and Malaz Safar Jalani (PROMAN) conducted the study.

The contents of this publication can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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