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CHEPS – the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies – is a research institute at the University of Twente. We offer research, training and consultancies on various aspects of higher education policy, particularly from an international comparative perspective.

Latest news

CHEPS participate in study on career impacts of ERC Funding

Together with ICF international, Elsevier and Vitae UK the Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) will conduct an evaluation measuring the career impacts of ERC funding. ... read more


Just published: The Impact and Future of Arts and Humanities Research by Paul Benneworth, Magnus Gulbrandsen and Ellen Hazelkorn

Drawing on original international research by a cross-European social science team, this book makes an important contribution to the discussion about the future of arts and humanities research. It explores ... read more

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Don Westerheijden has recently been appointed to the Advisory Board of the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague

The ISS, founded in 1952, is a graduate institute of policy-oriented critical social science, aiming to make a contribution to achieving social justice and equity on a global level. ... read more

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Report on Enhancement of Quality Cultures in Teaching and Learning published

Establishing and enhancing quality cultures in teaching and learning in higher education has gained increased importance. In Autumn 2015 NOKUT, the Norwegian ... read more