Elisabetta Rossi






Elisabetta Rossi

Date of birth

25 March 1975

Place of birth

Camposampiero (PD)

Academic position

Technician - DOSS University of Padova

Institutional authorized official

prof. Zaccaria

Bachelor’s degree

Biological Science at the University of Padova, with marks 102/110 cum laude (2001)

Postgraduate studies

Clinical Pathology at the Medical School of the University of Padova, with marks 70/70 cum laude (2006)

Professional positions:

Technician at the at Oncology Section of the DOSS-University of Padova (since 2002).

Scientific activity:

13 publications in peer-reviewed journals; h-index 10

Research interests:


Physiology and pathology of the immune system;


Immunologic alterations during HIV infection;


Predictive value and biologic significance of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) in solid tumors.

Visiting fellowships:

2012: LLP-LifelongLearningProgramme Erasmus - Staff Training

at the University of Twente (NL) - Department of Medical Cell Biophysics, headed prof. Leon WMM Terstappen



2004-2006: She has collaborated in the study " B cell deregulation during HIV infection: role of the HIV-1 matrix protein p17" (ISS–AIDS Project: # 40G.60, PI Rita Zamarchi).

2008-today: She collaborates in the Project Ricerca Sanitaria Finalizzata 2008 conducted at IOV-IRCCS of Padova (PI prof. A. Amadori), entitled " Predictive value and biologic significance of circulating tumour cells (CTC) in solid tumors".

2009-today: She collaborates in the Task 4 ("Characterization of circulating tumor cells in breast and ovary cancer ") of the "Progetto Oncologico di Medicina Molecolare: i tumori femminili" conducted at IOV-IRCCS of Padova (PI prof. P. Zanovello).

2009-today: She collaborates in the Project "construction of regulatory networks of cancer by integrating gene expression, alternative splicing and microRNA expression data" (PI prof. D.Nitti DOSS Padova), funded by AIRC.

2010-today: She collaborates in the Task 2 ("Evaluation of the CTC", coordinator Rita Zamarchi, IOV-IRCCS of Padova) of the Project " Metformin plus chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer: prognostic and predictive tools" (PI A. Gennari, IST Genova), funded by AIRC.

2011-today: She collaborates in the study " Predictive value of Circulating Melanoma Cells (CMC) in anti-BRAF treated Metastatic Melanoma" (coordinator Rita Zamarchi, IOV-IRCCS of Padova) of the ACC (Alleanza Contro il Cancro)/Project 3 (PI P. Zanovello, University od Padova).

2012-today: She collaborates in the:

 Specific Programme “Cooperation” – Theme "Health"

Call identifier: FP7-HEALTH-2012-INNOVATION-1

Proposal No: 305341-2

Acronym: CTCtrap

2012-today: She coordinates as PI the study:

Individualized treatment of patients with advanced NSCLC: potential application for circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) molecular and phenotypical profiling



Project Code: GR-2010-2303193



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