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After completing your Master’s degree, you could opt for a career in research as a phd researcher.

This involves spending four years studying a particular research area in depth. An integral part of this is writing your PhD thesis, and at the end of your PhD period, you will present and defend your research in public. After successfully completing your PhD, you will be awarded the title of doctor.

Unlike in many other countries, most PhD researchers in the Netherlands are paid employees, often working directly for the university. Because in the Netherlands, PhD students (doctoral-candidates) are generally recruited and appointed as staff, there are no formalized admissions procedures for PhD-programmes, nor are there annual admission deadlines.

Some PhD researchers come to the Netherlands with an international scholarship. In addition to the regular PhD positions offered on the UT vacancies webpage, Twente Graduate School offers several integrated master/PhD programmes. 

PhD candidates at Twente share their experiences and contacts through the P-NUT network.


The video below will show you the story of Dr. Frederik Vos, who has recently been promoted. He gives you an insight into his daily work as a PhD student.


Prospective PhD students can apply for a Promovendus position. Selected students will be offered a four-year contract, during which they complete courses and research projects. A promovendus position may also include teaching and other departmental duties. Your doctorate will be granted after the successful completion of your thesis presentation. 

Twente Graduate School

The Twente Graduate School at the University of Twente offers an increasing variety of integrated Master's and PhD programmes for outstanding graduate students who aim at a career in scientific research. For more information please visit the Twente Gradudate School website.


If you have a research proposal that matches the research aims of the University of Twente and you have already secured funding for, we might be able to accommodate a PhD position. For scholarship possibilities for PhD students, please visit our scholarship page.

VISA requirements

Most PhD students require a visa. Office Foreign Employees can assist with paperwork and other practical matters. Here you will find more information about residence permits.