Urban Planning and Management

Learn to understand dynamic urban processes and create interventions to help make cities competitive, compact, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.

How to make − and keep − the world’s modern cities healthy and attractive for the increasing multitudes living and working there? How to ensure that cities are sufficiently compact, sustainable, inclusive, competitive, and resilient? Realising these objectives requires a keen understanding of dynamic urban processes. In gaining such understanding geo-information science and technology constitute an indispensable source of information. Which is the very foundation for ITC’s specialization in Urban Planning and Management.

Mind you, this specialization is not only about acquiring geo-information knowledge and skills. On the contrary − you will be constantly challenged to apply what you have learned to current themes such as urban poverty, transport, climate change adaptation, disaster preparedness, and environmental planning. For your MSc research you’ll have the option of joining forces with dedicated ITC research group PLUS.

As a graduate you will be more than eligible for  positions in advisory, operational, technical and executive functions related to urban and regional planning.

Overview courses

Specialization Urban Planning and Management

  • Introduction to Urban Planning & Management and the Sustainable City (7 credits)
  • Risk-Sensitive Urban Planning Studio (7 credits)
  • The Compact City (7 credits)
  • The Inclusive City and the Competitive City (7 credits)

See detailed programme overview and programme structure.

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