Natural Resources Management

Learn to utilize geo-spatial data for sustainable agriculture, environment and forests

By 2040, the world’s population will reach 9 billion, and we will share the world with an additional 1.4 billion people. This increase is more than the entire population of Africa. At the same time, living standards are improving, leading to a massive increase in demand for food, timber, water and other resources, which are already affected by climate change and a fragmenting environment. Without proper management, serious problems such as deforestation, overgrazing and biodiversity loss are inevitable. Would you like to help turn this situation around, as an environmental manager? Then ITC’s specialisation in Natural Resources Management is the way to go.

Our courses focus on food security, biodiversity and forestry, with a multi-disciplinary approach to specific knowledge, skills and real-world issues. You will learn to use modern GIS and remote sensing technology to gather relevant data about our planet and its natural resources. More to the point, you will learn to translate data into information to support decisions that can lead to more sustainable use of resources. For your MSc research you’ll have the option of joining forces with the dedicated ITC research group FORAGES.

Overview courses

Specialization Natural Resources Management

  • Data and data analytics for natural resources management (7 credits)
  • Issues and concepts for management of natural resources (7 credits)
  • Mapping and monitoring for natural resources management (7 credits)
  • Modelling causes and impacts of change in natural resources management (7 credits)

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