Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences

Learn to explore for earth and geothermal resources to secure future demands for energy and minerals

From the houses that we live in to the meals that we eat and the smart phones that we use: earth resources play a vital part in our daily lives. Earth also harbours hidden geothermal systems that can provide green energy for heating our homes. In the search for these earth and geothermal resources, remote sensing technology becomes ever more important. Are you an earth scientist who wants to become a remote sensing expert? Then ITC’s specialization in Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences is what you’re looking for.

In our courses we integrate the use of state-of-the-art digital technology with an earth science perspective. You will study the natural environment using hyperspectral remote sensing, optical and thermal infrared spectroscopy, geophysics and contextual image analysis. In a digital workflow environment, you will learn to combine remote sensing data with laboratory and field measurements, and to extract information from these data. This also involves handling “big” data sets, and using scripting and other digital tools. For your MSc research you’ll have the option of joining forces with ITC’s research group 4D-Earth.

Overview courses

Specialization Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences

  • Data Analysis in Earth Sciences (7 credits)
  • Spectral Geology (7 credits)
  • Geological Remote Sensing (7 credits)
  • Field Methods for Earth Sciences (7 credits) 

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