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The Membrane Science and Technology group represents a cluster of membrane related research groups. Research areas cover a diverse set of expertises, including polymeric, inorganic and hybrid membranes, transport phenomena, and process design.

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Latest news

Janneke Dickhout wins Business and Development Prize at MESA+ day

At the recent 016 MESA+ day Janneke Dickhout was awarded the Business and Development Prize for her poster ‘Understanding membrane fouling in produced water treatment’. This award is given to the ... read more

Krzysztof Trzaskus  wins ‘Best PhD paper of the year 2016’ award of the Twente Water Centre

During the 2016 Twente Water Week Krzysztof Trzaskus  is awarded for his paper ‘Towards controlled fouling and rejection in dead-end microfiltration of nanoparticles – Role of electrostatic interactions’ in the Journal of Membrane Science. A jury choose the winning paper among four nominated papers ... read more

Walter van der Meer part-time professor of Membrane Technology

Prof. Walter van der Meer (57), PhD MSc, CEO of drinking water company Oasen, has been appointed part-time professor at the University of Twente in the Membrane Science and Technology cluster from 1 September 2016 on. He will hold the newly-established chair of membrane technology and engineering for water purification. ... read more

PhD position vacancy on ‘Biopolymer based membranes for (waste) water filtration’

The MST cluster at the University of Twente and Wetsus, european centre of excellence for sustatainable water technology have a PhD position available:

Particle separation by micro- and ultrafiltration (MF and UF) offers the advantage that 100% separation efficiency can be achieved. ... read more