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Final Conference of the EU-funded SusFuelCat project 24 November 2016 Enschede, The Netherlands

Utilising biomass as a renewable energy source is an important step for reducing Europe‘s dependence on fossil fuels and decreasing greenhouse gases. Biomass can serve as a base material for energy carriers like hydrogen. ... read more

Event Roger Brunet

Roger Brunet Espinosa Promoted

Roger Brunet Espinosa promoted Friday 03-06-2016
Thesis entitled “Structured catalysts and reactors for three phase catalytic reactions”. ... read more

Cover of Thesis Marijana Kovacevic

Marijana Kovačević Promoted

Marijana Kovačević Promoted June 1st
Thesis entitled “Tailored ceria nanoparticles for CO2 mediated ethylbenzene dehydrogenation”. ... read more

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Roger Brunet Espinosa wins Awards at NCCC XVII

Roger Brunet Espinosa won one of three NIOK lecture awards for best PhD presentation ... read more