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The research in the laboratory is concerned with questions related to industrial applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat and mass transport. Using a combined approach of theoretical analysis, numerical calculations and experimental investigations, the department aims to develop new or advanced knowledge for application in industrial design. Priority is given to the efficient use of energy and the minimisation of environmental pollution.

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BTG-BTL installatie

Groene energie met enorme potentie (artikel TC-Tubantia 12 feb. 2012)

Er zit goud in hout. Dat is de stellige overtuiging van de Universiteit Twente en de Twentse bedrijven Opra Turbines en BTG-BTL, die een nieuw proces hebben ontwikkeld om groene energie te produceren uit houtsnippers. ... read more


Training sessions at CERFACS Toulouse

CERFACS (the European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation) has always tried to promote European collaborations. One way to do this is exchange of students. Every year, CERFACS hires students for training sessions (typically for 6 months) and they would be very happy to consider applications from students who are interested in studying in Toulouse. Here you can find the topics proposed for 2012. A PhD could follow many of these topics.
You can also check the CERFACS website: http://www.cerfacs.fr/1-25717-Open-Positions.php ... read more


Last Monday / Tuesday (October 11 to 12) two PhD students of the Department of Energy Technology have won the first prize at the annual conference for combustion research in the Netherlands and Belgium: COMBURA 2011. ... read more

Successful blending of pyrolysis oil with alcohols and diesel

In order to improve properties of pyrolysis oil and make it ready for combustion in gas turbines, a
blending of pyrolysis oil with alcohol and diesel is performed. Research done by Weerachanchai et.al. see,(Weerachanchai, et al., 2009) have shown promising properties of blends between palm kern bio-oil, alcohol and diesel. Here several blends are investigated with respect to pyrolysis oil. ... read more