Traineeship / practical training / internship / …

If doing an assignment outside your university building/campus is an obligatory part of your curriculum and you’re interested in spending 3 till 6 months in a group of students, working on your own assignment within an existing project, then there are possibilities within our faculty. Most of our research groups are very happy to supervise foreign students coming here for an assignment. If you’re interested, then please first find out what field is of interest to you. You can find here a list of our research groups. If you know what you would like, then you have two ways of proceeding:

- you can contact the head of research and ask him/her for the possibilities. If they offer you a place, they will let us know and we’ll help you with arranging everything.

- you can let us know which group exactly your are interested in. Send us your cv, cover letter and transcript of records, and we’ll forward it to the head of research of the group you’re interested in.

The easiest way of coming here is using an exchange programme like Erasmus, in the same way you would be doing if you would be coming here for a semester of subjects. Here you’ll find a list of our Erasmus contacts. If your university is not on this list, then an assignment is still possible. In that case, depending on the research group and on the project you might be participating in, there are some possibilities of reimbursement of expenses by the faculty. However, be aware that this is hardly ever enough to pay for all your expenses (travel, accommodation, food, insurance, etc.); you will have to bring in some money of your own. When you’re applying, endless questions about free this and free that are not appreciated.