Examination Board

The examination Board is responsible for the quality of the educational programme and objectively determines whether a student has obtained the final qualifications.

The examination board for the bachelor Mechanical Engineering, the master Mechanical Engineering and the master Sustainable Energy Technology is composed as follows:

• Prof.dr.ir. Remko Akkerman (chairman)

• Prof.dr.ir. Ton van den Boogaard (vice chairman)

• Dr. Genie Stoffels (secretary)

• Dr.ir. Gert-Willem Römer

• Drs. Cornelise Vreman - de Olde

• Prof.dr.ir. André de Boer (advisor)

• Prof.dr.ir. Theo van der Meer (advisor)

The executive committee of the examination board is constituted by the chairman and the secretary. The examination board can be contacted by sending an email to the secretary:

Dr. Genie Stoffels


Universiteit Twente

HR N232

Postbus 217

7500 AE, Enschede