Course information

The Master's degree programme of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering Technology has nine tracks to choose from. Apart from the area-specific choice, you will also have to choose a profile:

- Design & Construction

- Organisation & Management

- Research & Development

The “Study Programme” links on this page contain information about the compulsary and elective courses for each master track and each of the three profiles.

Specific course information you can find in the course information system VIST ; this program provides information on all courses of the University of Twente. It also contains, per department, news messages about the courses (i.e. schedule changes) and the announcements of the defense of MSc-theses.
When you start searching in VIST for courses, please be sure to check to following:

- Year of study: 2008

- Participating programme: ME [Mechanical Engineering]

- Phase: M

- Course language: English


The course year for the master is divided in four periods of 10 weeks called ‘kwartiel’ (quarter). Each quarter consists of 8 or 9 weeks of lectures and 1 or 2 exam weeks. Lectures are scheduled for each week of the block unless indicated else by weeknumbers. Two quarters make one semester. Some subjects are being taught during one quarter, some are being taught during one semester.

Course hours are:
1-2   08:30 - 10:15 hr
3-4   10:40 - 12:25 hr
5-6   13:45 - 15:30 hr
7-8   15:45 - 17:25 hr


Mechanical Engineering is located in building De Horst (nr. 20). However, courses are given in all buildings of the university.

Other useful links in these matters

- TAST - registering for exams

- TOST - publication of the exam results

- TeleTOP - a digital learning environment used for many courses at the University of Twente.

- information about the Dutch credits and grading system

Note: you need a student account from ITBEhelpdesk (Vrijhof) to be able to enter/retrieve person related information. If you're registered as a master student (or as an exchange student) you will have such an account.