The graduate site of the University of Twente is the one and only place to apply for a master programme! This site does not only give you information about the tracks itself, but also about practical stuff such as fees and scholarships and so on. Please read that information carefully before asking questions. You’ll find the general and programme-specific admission requirements there as well.

Programme-specific application documents and information

When you fill in the application form, you will find information about which documents to include with your application:

- certified copy of transcripts, marks, diplomas and certificates

- certified English translation of all non-English or Dutch documents

- clear copy of your passport

- IELTS score list (if applicable)

- programme-specific documents

For the Master Programme Mechanical Engineering, these ‘programme-specific documents’ are:

- CV/resume
Apart from the academic qualifications (see the application form) we would like to receive your CV/resume that summarises your educational career and relevant work experience (if applicable).

- References
Please send us two letters of recommendation. At least one letter should be academic in nature; the other one preferably from your employer (if applicable). The letters should follow the lay out of the reference form (see the application form).
Make sure that your references include their full name, address, organisation, their position within the organisation and their phone and e-mail numbers.

- Application to other universities in The Netherlands
Please indicate whether you also will or did apply in Technical University of Delft and/or Technical University of Eindhoven and if so, for which master track and which University is your first preference.

- Reputation of the university
Please include information or refer to web links where we can find more details about the reputation and status of the university where you obtained your degree.

- Ranking of the candidate
Please include information about your ranking among the group of students during your bachelor education. The letters are to be signed by the university (examination board).

- Track and other options
Please indicate the focus of the programme you apply for (field of specialisation, competence profile) and the provisional idea you have on your master’s thesis research at this moment. Perhaps have a look at what kind of
research is conducted within the research group.