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PhD defense of Ibsen Chivatá Cárdenas

PhD defense of Ibsen Chivatá Cárdenas

His defense will take place on 16 November on 12.45h in the “Prof.dr. G. Berkhoff” room in the Waaier building. Fifteen minutes before his defense will take place, Ibsen will give a presentation addressing the headlines of his PhD research (starting 12.30h). You are all kindly invited to be present.  

The title of Ibsen’s PhD thesis is: “Integrating knowledge for managing risk in infrastructure projects: the case of tunnel works”.

In his research Ibsen has developed six Bayesian-Belief-Networks based models to identify, assess and control six major critical failure events in tunneling projects. He also applied and tested the models for the Sluiskil Tunnel Project that currently is under construction in Zeeland in The Netherlands. The developed approach shows the feasibility how to apply generic knowledge within context specific and project specific situations

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The objective of traditional approaches to project risk management is to identify risks that can lead to project failure and to implement effective strategies to manage them. Information on the relevant causes and conditions in which failures arise is usually required as necessary input for determining possible risk strategies. Performing these tasks for underground construction projects, however, is not straightforward in practice. Explicit and integrated knowledge about the relevant causes and conditions that lead to major failures is often absent. This research considers these issues and addresses the extent to which integrated risk-related knowledge, in the form of probabilistic causal models, can be used to provide useful risk information in real projects. It is shown that, irrespective of existing constraints on using information and knowledge from past experiences, the causal models can be applied and provide guidance as to the use of specific remedial measures on a case-by-case basis. The models’ limitations are described in this thesis.

Ibsen's research interests include risk engineering, knowledge engineering, risk analysis, risk modeling, research of risks in environment and construction industry. Ibsen holds a MSc degree in Environment and Development and Bsc degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.