IGS University of Twente

Guest Lecture on Water Security in the Palestinian Context

26 September Guest Lecture on Water Security in the Palestinian Context by Dr. Abdelrahman Tamimi, director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group and Mr. Shawari, business development manager van de Palestijnse investeringsgroep PADICO. The Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) was established in 1987 as an independent specialized institution dedicated to develop and protect the water and environmental resources; to ensure more public accessibility to adequate water supply sources and sanitary conditions; and to develop a proper information systems and technologies including GIS. Given the rapidly deteriorating water situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the neglect of basic water supply infrastructure during the mid eighties early nineties and the eruption of Intifada, the Group saw its immediate task as to respond to the emergency situation through carrying out development work and promoting the more effective and efficient use and reuse of existing all type of water resources. At present, the organization aims to promote:


the adaptation of good local water governance in the water sector in Palestine;


a right-based approach and an equal and just allocation of water;


the provision of sanitation services to Palestinian communities;


gender mainstreaming within the water sector;


sustainable management of water and environmental resources in Palestine.

This lecture takes place in the context of the Palestinian Water Week organized by the Netherlands Water Partnership in cooperation with the Twente Water Centre at the University of Twente. For more information and registration, please contact Gul Ozerol, g.ozerol@utwente.nl or Machteld Galema (m.galema@nwp.nl).