Bachelor Exam

The Bachelor exam

The bachelor programme is concluded with an exam by which the examination board decides if a student has passed. When you are nearly finished with all courses it is time to apply for the bachelor exam. Usually this is the case when finishing your bachelor assignment. By applying for you bachelor exam you also apply for your bachelor diploma. You can use this registration form.

On this form you can indicate what you will do after your bachelor AM. If you indicate you want to continue in a master programme at the UT, BOZ will forward this to the student administration. When the examination board has confirmed the passing of the bachelor exam BOZ will also indicate this to the student administration. If you go to a transfer master the student administration will update your registration for this programme.

For the bachelor programme there is a monthly meeting of the examination board and usually one bachelor graduation ceremony. In 2016 this ceremony takes place on 28 October. The meetings of the examination board usually take place in the last week of the month; you can apply until the first week of the month. In the summer months this schedule may deviate. You can find the meeting schedule on the website of the examination board.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact BOZ: