Pillar four: students learn together

Collaboration is a very important 21st century skill that our students will certainly need after completing their studies. For that reason students work together frequently in a module. This applies to both the project and the other module units. Together the students have to ensure that in the end they all have sufficient knowledge of all aspects of the project or the assignment on which they have collaborated. This means that they can also be individually tested on the material.


 A strong method of learning is explaining to each other. Even students who, or perhaps especially those students who, already have a firm understanding of the material learn a lot from this. Another important resource that enables students to learn from each other is giving feedback to each other. The feedback can be about the product on which the students are working. Are the calculations correct? Does everybody have a proper grasp of the theory? Feedback can also be about the process. For example, when the project group feels like there are one or more group members who are not working as hard as the others. Intensive and expert tutoring ensures that students are constructive in learning and collaborating and for instance learn how to give and receive feedback about their behavior professionally.


An important goal of TEM is to develop a T-shaped professional. It is therefore recommended that students from different bachelor’s programmes work together in a project team several times. In Module 7 students from Technische Bedrijfskunde (Industrial Engineering Management) and students of Business & IT work together in setting up their own business. The knowledge of the TBK students is necessary to set up the company but the programming skills of the BIT students are needed to launch the business online. Read more about this module in My TEM.

 pillar four: students work together