Pillar two: Project-based work

In order to encourage that students are involved in their own learning and that they study actively and nominally, it is of the utmost importance that the education offered is appealing. For that reason the core of a module is shaped by a project: an activity that challenges students to independently gain knowledge and skills.

The size of a project is not predetermined. However, the University of Twente's aim is that TEM develops into a model in which students do not just apply knowledge and skills, but that they also gain them in the project.

The three roles

Within one project students can take on several roles, this is also the perfect opportunity to further develop the Twente profile. For example, are the students working on critically assessing existing knowledge (researching)? Are they integrating scientific knowledge when developing new solutions for problems (designing)? Or are the students mostly working on implementing new solutions in a complex society (organizing)? A project can focus on one of these roles or can combine these roles.

Structured projects and open projects

The extent to which a project is structured depends on the particular programme, the location of the respective module in this programme and the learning objectives of the module. During a structured project all students are given the same assignments and the theory is offered in other module units that run parallel to the project. This knowledge is applied in the project. During an open project a lot of information is available within the context of the project, possibly preselected by teachers, and students can take on several activities that are required to successfully complete the project. Students can determine whether they want to employ the preselected sources and learning activities provided by the teachers to achieve the learning objectives, or select other sources or activities on their own. Proper tutoring is key here. During the project the students will receive feedback regarding the content from the teachers.

pillar two: project based work