Pillar three: Personal responsibility

With our Student-driven modules and open projects our students have the opportunity to take the reins themselves. Students are therefore expected to take on an active study and work attitude and reflect upon their work themselves. What do they have to pay more attention to and/or spend more time on, which activities do they have to complete to attain the learning objectives, which sources do they need, which role do they take on and in which setting do they perform their project assignment? Making these decisions and therefore being self-directed is something we want our students to learn. At the start of the programme the tutoring is intense while later on this gradually decreases. During the first semester of the third year (module 9 and module 10) the students have the opportunity to choose their minor modules. See www.utwente.nl/minor

Coordination of assessment and feedback

In the current situation the module units often look like loose 'courses.' In this case module teams are recommended to determine when what will be assessed and how it will be done. After all, students usually spend most of their time on those assignments that count towards the final grade.

Campus community

In addition to this personal responsibility for learning, the University of Twente would also like to see an active involvement in the campus community. This is possible through participation in education evaluations, by being a student assistant, activism (participating in associations) and the like.

Not being able to study full-time

If a module is a complete Student-driven module in project setting, students who are unable to study full-time can spread out the module over a longer period of time, as it was done in the past with perennial students, extreme difficult courses, etc.). This means that modules will overlap. Currently these students come to customized arrangements with the study adviser. Check the website of the Student Counselling Service for more information.

pillar three: personal responsibility