So what will studying in the bachelor’s phase look like?


Quartile 1

Quartile 2

Quartile 3

Quartile 4

Year 1

Module 1: Foundation

Module 2: Foundation

Module 3: Foundation

Module 4: Foundation

Year 2

Module 5: Foundation

Module 6: Foundation

Module 7: Elective 1 within programme

Module 8: Elective 2 within programme

Year 3

Module 9:

Elective 1

Module 10: Elective 2

Module 11 and 12: (Preparation for) final bachelor’s assignment

A year consists of 4 quartiles, and each will have one module. A module lasts 10 weeks and stands for 15 ECs (course credits). A module has an overarching theme. The theoretical components, the project, eventual exercises and practicals correlate as much as possible with that theme. This allows the student to thoroughly immerse him-/herself in the theme, and helps to elucidate the interdisciplinary relationship. Knowledge from one component is often required to comprehend the other.