What about the Binding Recommendation (BR)?

As from 1 September 2013 all programmes follow a BR of 45 ECs.

At the end of the first year students who have obtained less than 45 ECTS, will receive a binding recommendation and are not allowed to renew their enrolment for the programme. Since modules are indivisible educational units, this means that our students are required to successfully complete at least three of the four modules.

The UT policy is that modules have to be successfully completed as a whole. This includes the risk that students of whom it is expected that they will be able to successfully complete the entire degree programme will still receive a binding recommendation on continuation of studies, because they failed one or two tests. In order to prevent these situations we want to work towards optimally integrated modules in which the differences between various ‘courses’ can hardly be discerned.

More information: Regulation Binding Recommendation.