Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Stijn Oudenhoven was born on July 17th 1987 in Zevenaar. After passing his HAVO he started studying Chemical Engineering at the Saxion Hogescholen in Enschede. He did his traineeship at the research and development department of the business unit Ecosystems of AkzoNobel in Deventer on the development of a purification method for pickling acid.

In July 2009 he graduated under the supervision of Roel Westerhof on the topic “effects of temperature on the fluidized bed fast pyrolysis of pine wood” at the Thermo-Chemical Conversion of Biomass (TCCB) group. In this project Stijn looked at the influence of the fluidized bed temperature, condenser temperature, stepwise pyrolysis and the char/minerals content in the reactor on the bio-oil yield and composition.

After his HBO he started with the master chemical engineering (process technology). During this period he worked as a student assistant at the TCCB group working on the project of Roel Westerhof.

He graduated in November 2011 on the topic ‘Utilization of process conditions and concepts during wood pyrolysis to obtain fractionated oils to steer the production of transportation fuels and chemicals by HDO and HPTT. the project was under the supervision of ir. R.J.M. Westerhof, dr. ir. Kees Hogendoorn and Prof. Dr. S.R.A. Kersten.

In February 2012 he started as a PhD student at the University of Twente on the CatchBio project “Catalytic steps in the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass via pyrolysis to fuel precursors”. In this project Stijn is looking at fast pyrolysis process concepts and process parameters to steer the composition of the produced pyrolysis oil to improve further application.