Electro-kinetic flow visualization by means of 3D µ-PIV

Electro-kinetic flow visualization by means of 3D µ-PIV

Charge selective membranes or interfaces play an important role in membrane technology, such as desalination, separation, electrodialysis and blue energy. To fully understand and optimize these operations at macroscale, high-resolution measurements at small scale are crucial, which is the aim of this research. In systems containing a charge selective interface ion concentration polarization (ICP) is observed under the application of an external electric field. Fluid flow is influenced by this ICP and theoretical research predicts all kinds of turbulent effects and formation of vortices, see for instance figure 1 [1].

Figure 1 Time dependent instabilities in ICP near a charge-selective interface [1]

This turbulent behavior is predicted theoretically, but has not been observed in detail experimentally. In this research, we aim to visualize electro-kinetic flows in a 3D space by means of µ-PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry). Flow visualization in this system at micro-scale is challenging as a result of the small field of focus, the required particle density and size and the application of an electrical field. In this assignment, you will develop the technique for 3D electro-kinetic microflow visualization using the existing infrastructure in our labs (µ-PIV system).

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1. Druzgalski, C.L., M.B. Andersen, and A. Mani, Direct numerical simulation of electroconvective instability and hydrodynamic chaos near an ion-selective surface. Physics of Fluids, 2013. 25(11).