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The PIN-group is led by Prof. Harold Zandvliet and the research field involves controlled preparation and understanding of interfaces, low-dimensional (nano)structures and nanomaterials. We focus on systems that (1) rely on state-of-the art applications or (2) can potentially lead to future applications.


promotie Kai

PhD defense Kai Sotthewes

On Friday May 13, Kai Sotthewes has successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled: “Structural and electronic properties of single molecules and organic layers on surfaces”. ... read more


PIN research highlighted on APL cover

Our article "Coarsening dynamics of ice crystals intercalated between grapheme and supporting mica" is highlighted on the cover of APL's first issue in 2016 ... read more

PhD defense Imtiaz Ahmad

On Wednesday October 28, 2015 Imtiaz Ahmad has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: “Evaporation induced self-assembly and characterization of gold nanorods”. ... read more

PhD defense Hairong Wu

On Wednesday September 2, 2015 Hairong Wu has successfully defended her PhD thesis, entitled: “Surface dynamics of organic layers explored by scanning probe microscopy techniques”. ... read more