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The PIN-group is led by Prof. Harold Zandvliet and the research field involves controlled preparation and understanding of interfaces, low-dimensional (nano)structures and nanomaterials. We focus on systems that (1) rely on state-of-the art applications or (2) can potentially lead to future applications.


Mocking PhD

PHD DEFENSE Tijs Mocking

On Thursday September 19th, 2013 at 12.45 hrs., Tijs Mocking has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: "Properties of 1D metal-induced structures on semiconductor surfaces". ... read more

Kumar PhD

PHD DEFENSE Avijit Kumar

On Wednesday September 26th, 2013 at 12.45 hrs., Avijit Kumar has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: "The art of catching and probing single molecules". ... read more

spectroscopic ellipsometry workshop

April 11, 2013 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Workshop

This workshop will be held at the University of Twente. Confirmed invited speakers are Prof.Dr. Hans Arwin (Linköping University, Sweden) and Dr. Thomas Oates (ISAS Berlin, Germany) ... read more

Eigenwijze elektronen kiezen andere weg dan aangenomen

Gouddraadjes zijn zo dun te maken dat elektronen elkaar niet eens meer kunnen passeren. ... read more