Publications 2010

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Joana T. Carneiro, Jacob A. Moulijn, Guido Mul: Photocatalytic oxidation of cyclohexane by titanium dioxide: Catalyst deactivation and regeneration


Journal of catalysis, 2010, vol. 273, no2, pp. 199-210




S.A. Tromp, I. Matijosyte, R.A. Sheldon, I.W.C.E. Arends, G. Mul, M.T. Kreutzer, J.A. Moulijn, S. de Vries: Mechanism of Laccase–TEMPO-Catalyzed Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol


ChemCatChem Catalysis, Volume 2, Issue 7, pages 827-833


doi: 10.1002/cctc.201000068


Renckens TJA, Almeida AR, Damen MR, et al: Product desorption limitations in selective photocatalytic oxidation


Catalysis Today, Volume: 155   Issue: 3-4   Pages: 302-310  




Almeida AR, Carneiro JT, Moulijn JA, et al: Improved performance of TiO2 in the selective photo-catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane by increasing the rate of desorption through surface silylation


Journal of Catalysis,  Volume: 273   Issue: 2   Pages: 116-124   




Yang CC, Yu YH, van der Linden B, et al: .Artificial Photosynthesis over Crystalline TiO2-Based Catalysts: Fact or Fiction?,


Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume: 132  Issue: 24   Pages: 8398-8406


doi: 10.1021/ja101318k


Wang ZY, Chou HC, Wu JCS, et al.: CO2 photoreduction using NiO/InTaO4 in optical-fiber reactor for renewable energy


Applied Catalysis A-general,  Volume: 380 Issue: 1-2  Pages: 172-177   




Carneiro JT, Almeida AR, Moulijn JA, et al.: Cyclohexane selective photocatalytic oxidation by anatase TiO2: influence of particle size and crystallinity


Physical Chemistry Chemical Phisics, Volume: 12, Issue: 11,  Pages: 2744-2750




Telalovic S, Ramanathan A, Mul G, et al.: TUD-1: synthesis and application of a versatile catalyst, carrier, material ...,


Journal of Material Chemistry, Volume: 20  Issue: 4   Pages: 642-658


Doi: 10.1039/b904193a.


Carneiro JT, Savenije TJ, Moulijn JA, et al.:Toward a Physically Sound Structure-Activity Relationship of TiO2-Based Photocatalysts


Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Volume: 114, Issue: 1, Pages: 327-332   




Berlier G, Lamberti C, Rivallan M, et al: Characterization of Fe sites in Fe-zeolites by FTIR spectroscopy of adsorbed NO: are the spectra obtained in static vacuum and dynamic flow set-ups comparable?,


Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 12, Issue: 2, Pages 358-364


Doi: 10.1039/B917646M