NIOK Graduate School "Solar Fuels Catalysis"

NIOK graduate school ‘Solar Fuels Catalysis’ granted by NWO!

With the Graduate Programme NIOK aims to prepare the most excellent students for a career in science by offering them the best possible training and education in the highly innovative and challenging research field of catalytic conversion of solar light, carbon dioxide and water into fuels. The PCS group participates in the NIOK graduate school with educational activities focused on inorganic semiconductor based photocatalysis.

The research in this Graduate Programme is expected to force scientific breakthroughs in the field of the conversion of water and carbon dioxide to fuels by solar light by use of advanced catalysts. It is a highly synergetic effort built around four young excellent group leaders of NIOK (Weckhuysen in Utrecht, Hensen in Eindhoven, Koper in Leiden and Mul in Twente) bringing together key expertise such as spectroscopy, molecular catalysis, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis.

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