Physics of Complex Fluids Group

The research goal of PCF is to understand and to control liquids and their interfaces from molecular to macroscopic scales. Our research connects fundamental phenomena in static and dynamic wetting, nanofluidics, microfluidic two-phase flow, functional surfaces, drop impact, and drop evaporation to practically relevant applications such as enhanced oil recovery, lab-on-a-chip systems, analytical chemistry (MALDI-MS), optofluidics, and inkjet printing.

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Experimental methods and tools: electrowetting, high resolution Atomic Force Microscopy and spectroscopy, (high speed) video microscopy, contact angle goniometry, particle tracking microrheology, macroscopic rheometry, (imaging) ellipsometry, quartz crystal microbalance, Langmuir trough and Langmuir-Blodgett deposition.

Latest news

Jolet de Ruiter obtained a Rubicon grant from NWO

Congratulations, Jolet!
Former PCF PhD student Jolet de Ruiter obtained a Rubicon grant from NWO to continue her work as a Postdoc in the group of Prof. Kripa Varanasi at MIT in Boston. Jolet’s proposal entitled “Study of drop impact and freezing dynamics under icing conditions” was one of four successful Rubicon proposals in January 2015. Good luck with your work, Jolet! ... read more


April 10th – Presentation by J. Lyklema (Wageningen University): Overcharging by simple ions: observations and interpretations

We are glad to announce that J. Lyklema will give a presentation entitled Overcharging by simple ions: observations and interpretations.The presentation will be on April 10th at 13.30 in room ZH 286. Further details click here ... read more

Lei Wang wins poster prize

At 9th workshop ellipsometry Lei Wang has won the poster presentation prize. Congratulations Lei! The cake was delicious. To view the poster click here ... read more

4 publications accepted in January

January 2015 started with good news: 4 new papers were accepted and partially already appeared online. ... read more