Stability limits of capillary bridges: new publication in Physical Review Letters

June 16 – Stability Limits of Capillary Bridges: new publication in Physical Review Letters

The morphology of liquid drops on the micrometer scale is governed by the geometry and the wettability of surrounding surfaces. These boundary conditions can lead to rather complex energy landscapes, frequently with multiple local minima corresponding to competing liquid morphologies. In collaboration with Ciro Semprebon and Martin Brinkmann from the Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization, we study in this work the impact of microscopic contact angle hysteresis on the bifurcation of a drop confined between a sphere held at some distance above a plate as a function of the contact angle. It is found that a few degrees of contact angle hysteresis have a dramatic effect on the macroscopic behavior, including in particular the stabilization of solution branches of the bifurcation diagram that are unstable in the absence of hysteresis.

The project results from a part of the PhD project of Rielle de Ruiter and the Master project of Mathijs van Gorcum.

The publication can be found here.