4 publications accepted in January

4 publications accepted in January.

January 2015 started with good news: 4 new papers were accepted and partially already appeared online.


Detection of ion adsorption at solid–liquid interfaces using internal reflection ellipsometry; Lei Wang, Cunlu Zhao, Michel H.G. Duits, Frieder Mugele, Igor Siretanu; Sensors and Actuators B 210, 649 (2015).


Air cushioning in droplet impact. I. Dynamics of thin films studied by dual wavelength reflection interference microscopy; Jolet de Ruiter, Frieder Mugele, and Dirk van den Ende; Phys. Fluids 27, 012104 (2015).


Air cushioning in droplet impact. II. Experimental characterization of the air film evolution; Jolet de Ruiter, Dirk van den Ende, and Frieder Mugele; Phys. Fluids 27, 012105 (2015).


Numerical investigation of dynamic effects for sliding drops on wetting defects; Andrea Cavalli, Michiel Musterd, and Frieder Mugele; Phys. Rev. E (2015) – accepted.