MESA+ strategic research impulse project PCF Frieder Mugele, SFI Rob Lammertink and PCS Guido Mul

Fundamental aspects of photocatalysis: Photocatalysis is one of the key enabling technologies on the way towards a cleaner planet. It enables a direct conversion of energy from sunlight into chemical compounds and it allows for removing toxic organic compounds from polluted water. Despite the big potential, important microscopic aspects of the process, in particular the transfer of charge from the solid surface to the ambient fluids, are poorly understood. PCF now obtained a MESA+ strategic research impulse project together with the groups SFI (Prof. Lammertink) and PCS (Prof. Mul) to investigate these aspects using the in situ high resolution Atomic Force Microscopy that the group developed in recent years. The goal of this project is to provide a proof-of-feasibility of laterally resolved measurements of light-induced variations of the surface charge and thereby to lay the ground for more intensive follow-up research in the future.