'Presentation On Demand’ Award At ACS Energy Dallas For Bijoy

‘Presentation On Demand’ Award At ACS Energy Dallas For Bijoy Bera

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The oral presentation titled `Ion-adsorption induced Wetting Transition for increasing efficiency during low salinity waterflooding’ by Bijoy Bera was chosen as one of the three presentations in Energy and Fuels (ENFL) section to be recorded at American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring Meeting held at Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX, USA (16-20 March, 2014).

The presentation describes wetting transition of aqueous phase on mica in ambient oil phase. The experimental phenomenon is then explained by surface charge reversal on mica interface due to ion-specific adsorption from a molecularly thin aqueous film present between mica and oil. This film thus governs the interaction between mica-water and oil-water interface, and thus depending on whether this interaction is repulsive or attractive, a complete or partial wetting situation will follow.

The presentation is available on the website of American Chemical Society within the program called `Presentations on Demand’ where selected presentations from a session are available to research community from all ACS meetings. Here is a link for the presentation: