Presentation 'Wetting transitions and electrolyte solutions' by Dr. Markus Bier on February 19

Dear all,

You are kindly invited for the presentation of Dr. Markus Bier, from the Max-Planck Institute in Stuttgart, on Wednesday February 19 at 14.00 hrs.

This presentation will be held in ZH286.

The title of his abstract is: Wetting transitions and electrolyte solutions.


Recent theoretical investigations on the wetting of charged walls by an

electrolyte solution are reported. First a brief reminder of the phenomenology

of wetting, the classification of wetting transitions and the concept of the

effective interface potential is given. Next a lattice model of a charged wall

in contact with a semi-infinite electrolyte solution is described which allows

to determine the complete surface phase diagram, including the variation of the

wetting temperature with the ionic strength and the surface charge density.

Finally, it turns out that ions tend to promote first-order wetting

transitions. In order to understand this phenomenon, a generic analysis of the

effective interface potential in the presence of ions is discussed.