Nanofluidics (340012)



Short description

This course will give an introduction into nanofluidics (fundamental aspects, intrinsic length scales and geometry) and will discuss different selected topics in the field of nanofluidics, such as:
- solid-liquid interfaces (interactions, adsorption/desorption)
- hydrodynamics at small scales (laminar flow, slip versus no-slip,

- 3-phase systems (capillary forces, wetting, superhydrophobicity)
- electrokinetic effects (electroosmotic pumping, electroviscous effect)
- electrophoresis and separation techniques
- colloids

Previous knowledge

Introductory course fluid mechanics

Participating prog.

Nanotechnology (NAN)

Fase M Kwartiel K3 2.5 EC

Applied Physics (APH)

Fase M Kwartiel K3 2.5 EC

Teaching methods

HC Lecture 4 hours/week


Oral exam


Prof.dr. F. Mugele 053-4893094

Contact person

Prof.dr. F. Mugele

Teaching staff

Prof.dr. F. Mugele, dr. J.C.T. Eijkel, dr. E.S. Kooij

Course material

Hand-outs and review papers