PBM on Radio 1

Monday morning June 15th the Radio 1 program “Het Filiaal”, part of the Radio 1 news, visited PBM. This program is broadcasted live every morning between 6.00 and 9.30. The reason for their visit was the news item about Ferry Melchels’ Biomaterials article that describes the development of a new biodegradable stereolithography resin. Dirk Grijpma and Ferry Melchels explained the principle of stereolithography to the reporter and gave a general impression of the work in our group.

Parts of the program can be found here.

Radio 1 reporter

The reporter Joris van de Kerkhof examines a model of Ferry’s scaffolds.

Stereolithography logo

A Radio 1 logo prepared by stereolithography.

Dirk Grijpma and Joris van der Kerkhof

Dirk Grijpma and Joris van de Kerkhof