Poster awards

On the BMTI symposium ‘Highlights in BioMedical Technology’ on Thursday 20th 2008 two out of three poster prices were awarded to members of the PBM group.

One of the three poster awards was for Sigrid Schüller-Ravoo and Erwin Zant for their poster entitled “Well-defined 3D-structures based on polytrimethylene carbonate macromers prepared by stereolithography”. Another poster price was awarded to Ferry Melchels and Bart Rijckaert for their poster entitled ‘Micro-CT analysis of tissue engineering scaffold architectures’. Furthermore Rong Jin contributed to the third poster price, awarded to Liliana Moreira Teixeira from the Tissue Regeneration group for her poster entitled ‘Biological in vitro evaluation of in situ forming chitosan-based hydrogels for cartilage regeneration’.