Chinese Award Chao Lin

Two Chinese scientists of the University of Twente have been recognized by the Chinese Government for their achievements: Dr. Chao Lin and Dr. Xiao Li (both BMTI Institute for Biomedical Technology) have won the prestigious “2007 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad”. Two out of seven Awards in The Netherlands went to the University of Twente.

This award is presented by the China Scholarship Council and aims to recognize top Chinese PhD students undertaking full-time research overseas and working towards a research-based doctoral degree.

Dr. Chao Lin works at the Biomedical Chemistry group of prof. Johan Engbersen. He works on polymer systems for gene delivery. Dr. Xiao Li is a research within the Biophysical Engineering group of prof. Vinod Subramaniam. She recently reached the final round of a contest by Dutch magazine Intermediair, for the most remarkable PhD thesis. Her work was on an affordable system for HIV-screening.

This year there are 301 recipients from al disciplines all over the world, out of which seven are from the Netherlands. The University of Twente was excellently represented by Chao Lin and Xiao Li, ranking 2nd and 3rd on the list of Dutch awardees, respectively. The award ceremony was held at the Chinese Embassy in The Hague, each of the winners received a certificate and a prize 5000 USD cash.