Surface enhanced fluorescence (SEF)-based molecular diagnostic assays


In recent years we have been looking at fluorescence enhancement of dye-labeled DNA using silver nanoparticles. Now that we have optimized the system, we would like to implement this physical phenomena for molecular diagnostic applications.

Fluorescence enhancement, unlike more complicated applications of noble metal nanoparticles (such as surface enhanced Raman scattering, and dark-field scattering) can be easily integrated into any fluorescence detector, such as a fluorescence plate reader, which are commonly available in most labs.


In this project, we will use both PCR-based, and non-PCR based DNA amplification, and then we will use the nanoparticle-based enhanced fluorescence mechanism to enhance the readout signal and get a higher signal to noise ratio compared to assays without fluorescence enhancement.

Enhancement of fluorescence from dye-labeled DNA co-aggregated with silver particles when measured in a cuvette



Contact details: Dr. Ron Gill, 053-4893067, ZH168.(Nanobiophysics group)