Nanophotonic manipulation of biological emitters: Individual characterization of coexisting fluorophores in one sample


The field of nanophotonics is a very active field within physics that addresses the control of light and manipulation of emitters by metamaterials, photonic crystals, cavities or mirrors, to name a few. We are exploring the potential of nanophotonic manipulation and control of biological emitters – nanobiophotonics. Using the nanophotonics toolbox we not only passively observe, but actively manipulate the emission from biomolecules.

Our research on nanophotonic manipulation of biological emitters, carried out in close collaboration with the Complex Photonic Systems group of Prof. W. L. Vos, explores a range of different themes.

Control of the apparent emission color of the same fluorescent protein by photonic crystals.


Manipulation of the LDOS will be used to access the radiative and nonradiative decay rates and quantum efficiency of individual subensembles in one sample which is impossible with current methods. Strategies and modelling of data will be developed and experimentally verified. Ultimately switchable fluorescent proteins will be characterized.


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