Multiplexed Protein Nanoarrays: Full Control over Protein Orientation Localisation and Functionality


Precise control over protein orientation and geometry is crucial to the construction of uniform functional protein arrays. However, to date, no systematic study on the influence of full control over orientation and geometry of immobilisation of proteins in arrays on their functionality has been carried out.

The aim of this project is to develop methods to construct such arrays in which the effect of different degrees of control over the immobilisation geometry of proteins on their function can be studied at the surface. The immobilisation geometry of proteins on the surface will be studied with respect to their exact positioning such as localisation, orientation and number of binding sites. This will be done by studying the immobilisation geometry of proteins on substrates with differing degrees of freedom of translational and rotational movement.

Postdoc: Dorothee Wasserberg
Project leader: Vinod Subramaniam, Jurriaan Huskens (MnF), Pascal Jonkheijm (MnF)