Poster prize for Sinem Tas

During the traditional Poster Day of the Dutch Membrane Society (NMG) and its Flemisch and German sister societies, Sinem Tas, PhD student of the Membrane Science and Technology group of the University of Twente, was awarded a poster prize for the best scientific poster. The Poster Day is organized every two years, consecutively in The Netherlands, Belgium or Germany. This year’s event was organized by RWTH Aachen by the group of Prof. Matthias Wessling.

Sinem works on the development of ion selective membranes by using crown ether polymers based on host–guest interactions. She aims at the direct incorporation of crown ether moieties into a polymer chain as repeating unit. This in contrast to the frequently applied blending of crown ethers with polymers or post functionalization of linear polymers. With the in-chain crown ether approach, the synthesized such crown ether polymers exhibit excellent stability (no leaching out of the crown ether), while at the same time such structures show unique membrane functions, for example, the selective binding of a specific ion to a very high degree of ion specificity.

For more information, please contact Prof. Kitty Nijmeijer (e-mail:; phone: +31 53 489 4185).